Nobody has time for that… 🙄

Because you should NOT be making time for things that do not help you become better. In the end, it all comes down to what you can do to help yourself reach your full potential!

The goal is to keep the eye on the prize… and the price, a better you! Once we lose track of this prize is when the trouble begins. There will be many distractions in life, but it is up to YOU to overcome them and make the day about YOU!

xoxo: Eva


Be the person… 🌟


Throughout our lives, we will run into people who will try and sink us, telling us what we believe is to be invalid, thus making us feel that we ourselves are invalid. Do not let these negative aspects of life get in the way of doing what YOU want to do, what YOU enjoy, and what YOU aspire to become!

I mean, how many times have you had someone put down an idea of yours, an interest, or something you have been super excited about?! What to do about these people? Look them straight in the eye, smile, nod, and go for what you want to achieve anyway! Set a plan, make a goal, and GO! Don’t let others’ negative thoughts stop you, because you CAN do it! You can achieve what MAY seem impossible; trust me, you can! You can do amazing things!

xoxo: Eva


Work for it… 💎

I absolutely love this quote. It is so true in so many ways! I, myself, have spent a LOT of years in school, furthering my education and trying to achieve as high as I could… and you know what? It was ALL worth it!! Because it IS true that you get what you work for.. sure, I spent endless nights studying (adding to my wrinkles and gray hair, btw), but the pride and feeling of accomplished holds so much more value than just being ordinary.

When you stay up late studying every night, you WILL get that A… when you wake up super early to do your hair and makeup, you WILL look glamorous… when you make it to the gym every night, you WILL lose weight!

You get what you work for… and if you work on yourself, you will not only become the person you dream of becoming!

xoxo: Eva